Student with own challenges helps mate set record

Focused Ipswich runner Clay Dawson has achieved another first ― winning the virtual Brisbane Marathon.


PREPARING for exams has provided another challenge for Ipswich runner Jude Thomas.

Thomas, 18, is in his first year at QUT studying sports and exercise science.

Just three weeks into that learning, everything moved to online learning, creating another change in direction.

However, the international running prospect has played a key role in another success.

He was pacesetter at last weekend’s Virtual Brisbane Marathon for NANCI crew teammates Clay Dawson, Tamara Carvolth and good mate Alex Davies.

City of Ipswich Junior Sportsperson of the Year Jude Thomas continues to progress his running and help NANCI crew teammates.

Dawson won the event with a stunning time of two hours, 27 minutes and 50 seconds.

The dedicated Dawson became the first person to win a “Brisbane Marathon” running on an Ipswich course.

That provided another boost for the NANCI runners who have been missing other major competitions.

As NANCI crew head coach Peter Reeves said:  “The synergy of the morning was overpowering and palpable.”

Along with Reeves, Thomas also appreciated the efforts on NANCI regulars Tom Anderson and Paul Shard, who have set up recent courses during COVID-19 restrictions.

“Shardy and Jude’s organising of the pacing teams was exemplary and they steered the NANCI ship safely home to port and victory,” Reeves said.  “Clay and Tamara were magnificent and everyone pitched in and did their duty.”