Ipswich club athletes combine to impress at state titles

Ipswich and District Athletic Club all-rounder Charlize Goody was among the major medal winners at the latest Queensland championships.


AN iron lady, unstoppable all-rounder and dedicated thrower clocking up the kilometres.

Laylani Va’ai, Charlize Goody and Jessica Rowe are three of the incredible Ipswich and District Athletic Club competitors who shared in the latest medal haul at the Queensland Track and Field Championships.

Ipswich club athletes won a total of 27 medals with a remarkable 47 personal bests over the four days of competition.

Club president Vic Pascoe was understandably delighted with the continued success where athletes accumulated seven gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals.

“We are getting a lot of PBs,” Pascoe said.

“Normally on a club day, you have three or four maybe.

“But at the championships, it just goes to show that the coaches have done their job by getting the athletes to peak at the right time.

“It’s fantastic to see.”

Pascoe also praised the parents and friends for their support, especially coming to meets to cheer their athletes on to personal best standards.

He said many of the Ipswich club athletes have qualified for the Australian 2021 Track & Field Championships at Olympic Park in Sydney next month.

A team is expected to be announced in coming days.

Among the latest athletes to excel was Laylani Va’ai who Pascoe calls an ‘iron lady’ for competing in almost every event.

In under-20 competition, Va’ai won a silver in the discus (43.88m) and bronze medals in the shot put (11.98 PB) and 100m hurdles (16.58 PB).

“She has grown so much stronger over the last 12 months and I think she’s going to be really competitive at the heptathlon championships in Sydney,” Pascoe said.

Goody also continues to excel in multiple events.

At the latest state titles, the busy Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School student won gold in the javelin (43.25) and 90m hurdles (14.04 PB).  She also collected a silver in the discus (40.59m PB) and hammer (45.66m PB), and a bronze in the shot put (14.01m PB).

She is competing at the Little A’s State championships this weekend before tackling the Heptathlon Nationals (for under-14-U18 athletes) in Melbourne next week.

Goody is also working towards the individual Australian Championships from April 12-19.

AMAZING EFFORTS:  How Charlize manages her success

Queensland championship medal winner Jessica Rowe.

When it comes to dedication, Rowe sets a standard to match her ever-growing medal tally.

She travels regularly from Clinton to be coached by Michael Moore at the Ipswich club.

Competing in the under-17 division, Rowe won her hammer (52.11m), discus (41.71m) and shot put (14.55m PB) events.

She is also preparing for the nationals in April.

Pascoe said Rowe typified commitment, eager to join other Ipswich club athletes for regular training in addition to her own work at home.

“It (athletics) is something she wanted to do and she has become good at it,” he said.

Medal winner Toby Stolberg.

Another athlete on the rise, literally, is Toby Stolberg.

“Toby has high jumping down to an art,” Pascoe said.  “Just watching this young girl is superb.”

She won the under-16 high jump (1.71m PB) at the latest state titles.

HIGH FLYER:  Toby reaching new heights

In a tremendous group of club athletes, Pascoe urged Blake twins Kobe and Cooper to continue progressing in their range of events.

“They try very hard and are still working out what events they should concentrate on,” Pascoe said.

“As they develop and give them another two years, I reckon they will be dam good athletes.”

Isabella Willshire is another athlete to watch, working with club coach Mark Sills.

She won a silver in the U14 400m with a personal best 62.01 second run.

“To gain a place into the final 10 is a marvellous achievement for our athletes,” Pascoe said.

“They are a wonderful group of youngsters.”


Queensland championships March 11-14 results wrap

Laylani Va’ai:
Open Discus 4th 45.12m
Open Shot Put 4th 11.93m PB
U/20yrs Discus 2nd 43.88m
U/20yrs Shot Put 3rd 11.98m PB
U/20yrs Long Jump 4th 5.22m PB
U/20yrs 100m =13th 13.29
U/20yrs 100m Hurdles 3rd 16.58 PB

Jessica Rowe:  U/17yrs
Hammer 1st 52.11m
Discus 1st 41.71m
Shot Put 1st 14.55m PB
Open 4kg Hammer 5th 43.59m PB

Charlize Goody:  U/16yrs
High Jump 5th 1.60m =PB
Discus 2nd 40.59m PB
Long Jump 4th 5.08m PB
Shot Put 3rd 14.01m PB
Javelin 1st 43.25m
90m Hurdles 1st 14.03 PB
Hammer 2nd 45.66m PB

Toby Stolberg:  U/16yrs
High Jump 1st 1.71m PB
Javelin 6th 28.66m

Abbie Severinsen:
U/15yrs 90m Hurdles 4th 15.00 PB
U/15yrs 200m Hurdles 3rd 33.17 PB
U/15yrs High Jump 8th 1.45m
U/14yrs High Jump 8th 1.45m
U/14yrs 90m Hurdles 4th 15.00 PB
U/14yrs 200m Hurdles 3rd 33.17 PB

Mackenzie Crowley:  U/14yrs
Javelin 3rd 30.69m
Shot Put 4th 11.14m PB
Discus 5th 26.00m
Hammer Throw 5th 29.25m

Holly-Maree Matthew:  U/14yrs
800m 6th 2.24.28 PB
1500m 10th 5.12.50 Heat 4.57.24 PB

Isabella Willshire:  U/14yrs
100m 14th 13.80
200m 9th 27.97 Heat 27.89
800m 12th 2.29.48 400m 2nd 62.01 PB
Long Jump 13th 3.51m

Acacia Wohlsen:  U/14yrs
Long Jump 4th 4.62m PB
High Jump 6th 1.35m PB
100m 9th 13.51 13.43 heat PB
200m 10th 27.97

Rylee Novinetz:  U/15yrs
800m 7th 2.21.80 PB

Hayley Condon:  U/15yrs
Hammer 2nd 35.54m PB

Maddie Newham:  U/15yrs
Triple Jump 8th 9.21m PB
Long Jump 12th 4.07m
200m 20th 29.91 PB

Tiana McKimmon:  U/15yrs
Pole Vault 2nd 1.80m =PB

Kali Taylor:  U/15yrs
Long Jump 11th 4.21m
High jump =3rd 1.53m

Sophie Dunne:  U/16yrs
Shot Put 7th 10.63m PB

Lily Vine:  U/16yrs
100m 7th 13.09 heat 12.97
Long Jump 3rd 5.25m PB

Sophie Wilkins:  U/17yrs
Shot Put 4th 11.69m
Discus 6th 30.10m PB
100m Hurdles 4th 15.76 PB
400m Hurdles 2nd 71.19 PB

Aldora Tuilaepa:  U/17yrs
Hammer 3rd 36.48m

Taya Beckers:  U/18yrs
200m 11th 27.45 PB

Kiara Condon:  U/18yrs
Shot Put 2nd 12.98m
100m Hurdles 4th 15.57 PB

Ipswich and District Athletic Club medal winner Erin Wright.

Erin Wright:  U/18yrs
100m Hurdles 2nd 14.60 PB

Jade Lally:  Open
Discus 1st 56.93m

Hallam Cooper:  U/14yrs
Triple Jump 3rd 10.05m

Joel Jakimowicz:
U/15yrs 200m Hurdles 5th 31.81
U/14yrs 90m Hurdles 3rd 14.47

Jet Nunez:  U/16yrs
100m 11th 12.24

Pharrell Eliu:  U/17yrs
Triple Jump 5th 12.79m
Long Jump 7th 6.19m

Kobe Blake:  U/16yrs
200m Hurdles 4th 30.83 PB
100m Hurdles 6th 17.23
2000m Steeplechase 6th 7.15.42
400m 6th 58.62 PB
800m 7th 2.15.81 PB
Open 400m Hurdles 6th 65.55

Cooper Blake:  U/16yrs
200m 12th 26.12 PB
800m 8th 2.16.76 PB
High Jump 4th 1.65m PB

Ky Dalby:  U/17yrs
Discus 6th 33.07m PB
Shot Put 4th 9.95m PB
Long Jump 15th 5.38m PB
Triple Jump 13th 10.86m

Jamie Van Rensburg:  U18yrs
Hammer 2nd 49.84m PB

Benjamin Thomas:  Open
100m 16th 11.59 injured heat 10.90