34 medals: Ipswich’s new breed in exceptional performance

Ipswich and District Athletic Club competitor Catherine Tamate won four medals, including in the hurdles, at the latest North Queensland championships in Mackay.


A WELCOME positive in sport has come out of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Ipswich and District Athletic Club competitors are more determined, training harder and eager to make up for lost time.

That was highlighted by the regional club’s latest 34 medal haul at the North Queensland Championships in Mackay.

The powerful regional team won 16 gold, 11 silver and seven bronze, topped up by 33 personal bests.

A number of club athletes have also qualified for next year’s national championships.

Boosted by the exceptionally talented new breed, the Ipswich club is on track for more success at next month’s Queensland Relay Championships.

Club president and coach Vic Pascoe is already tipping the Ipswich club’s 12 years girls to set the standard after some outstanding performances in Mackay.

The North Queensland Championships provided the first major meeting since a series of competitions were cancelled in March due to the coronavirus.

Just back from North Queensland, Pascoe said the latest result was one of the best club performances in recent memory.

“The talent in those young kids coming through is unbelievable,” the experienced coach said.

“They work hard.

“A lot of this has come about the fact we’ve been shut down for six months.”

After athletes were unable to continue decent training during that time, they responded quickly when cleared to return.

“I think this COVID-19 has given them something to now strive for,” Pascoe said.

“Everybody was so keen on wanting to do it.”

The latest trip north also featured the biggest Ipswich team (17 athletes) in some time contesting a major championships.

Among the leading performers were Catherine Tamate, Mackenzie Crowley, Hayley Condon, Indiana Platen, Isabella Willshire, Tiana McKimmon, Charlize Goody, Madison Wells and Sebastion Sills.

Tamate won four medals in her 12 years competition.

She won the 80m hurdles (13.10) and triple jump (9.94m) in personal best efforts.  She added a silver in the long jump, equalling her personal best, and collected a bronze in the 100m.

Crowley also secured four medals featuring two gold and two silver.

The 12 years competitor won the javelin (35.35m) and shot put (10.26m).  She finished second in the hammer throw (21.54m PB) and discus (24.68m).

Ipswich and District Athletic Club competitor Mackenzie Crowley with her four medals at the North Queensland championships in Mackay.

Condon’s four medals came in the 13 years shot put (1st in 11.22m PB), discus (1st in 31.11m PB), javelin (2nd in 30.69m PB) and hammer (first in 34.76m PB).

Platen excelled in the 12 years high jump with a personal best leap of 1.45m.

Willshire won a silver in the 12 years 400m (1.03.17 PB) and a bronze in the 800m (2.33.93 PB).

McKimmon won the 13 years pole vault (1.8m PB) and received silver in high jump (1.42m PB).

Consistent performer Goody came second in the under-16 heptathlon with 4610 points.

She won gold in the shot put with a personal best throw of 13.70m.

Goody added silver in the 14 years javelin (42.45m PB) and won a bronze in the discus (38.98m).

Wells, an accomplished senior athlete, won the under-20 heptathlon amassing 4397 points.

Abbie Severinsen came third in her 13 years heptathlon event with a personal best 2805 points.  She won the 200m hurdles (36.95 PB) and 80m hurdles (14.70 PB).

Hemi Rakuita won three medals in the 12 years events ― gold in the 400m (1.02.42) and 200m (27.49), and bronze in the 100m (13.49 PB)

In 11 years competition, Sills won the shot put (10.58m PB) and came second in the discus (26.85m PB).

Gold medal-winning Ipswich and District Athletic Club shotputter Sebastion Sills at the North Queensland championships in Mackay.

Pascoe was delighted with the tremendous encouragement given to his athletes in Mackay.

“The team all supported each other with wild cheering and clapping ensuring our athletes did their best,” he said.

“Parents and friends also had an impact along with the coaches who were in attendance.”

Pascoe was joined in Mackay by mentors Mark Sills and Des Davis.

Other club coaches who worked with the athletes before the championships were Michael Moore, Darin Coombs, Brad Robinson, Ted Ruben and Theresa Stolberg.

“The support everybody gave was fantastic,” Pascoe said.

The Queensland Relay Championships are on November 28 where teams of three represent a club.

“I think the 12 years girls will match any team there in Queensland,” Pascoe said.

Ipswich and District Athletic Club parents enjoy the latest North Queensland championships in Mackay, providing valuable support.

Ipswich club achievements at the Athletics North Queensland Championships in Mackay (October 2-4).

Mackenzie Crowley: 12yrs hammer throw 21.54m 2nd PB; javelin 35.35m 1st PB; shot put 10.26m 1st; discus 24.68m 2nd.

Indiana Platen: 12yrs long jump 4.23m 6th; 100m 14.25 8th 13.87 PB heat; high jump 1.45m 1st =PB; 200m 30.05 7th 29.74 heat.

Catherine Tamate: 12yrs long jump 4.70m 2nd =PB; triple jump 9.94m 1st PB; 200m 28.64 5th 28.49 in heat; 100m 13.49 3rd PB; 80m hurdles 13.10 1st PB.

Isabella Willshire: 12yrs long jump 4.33m 5th PB; 100m 14.08 9th PB; 400m 1.03.17 2nd PB; 200m 28.63 4th PB; 800m 2.33.93 3rd PB.

Hayley Condon: 13yrs shot put 11.22m 1st PB; discus 31.11m 1st PB; javelin 30.69m 2nd PB; hammer throw 34.76m 1st PB.

Tiana McKimmon: 13yrs high jump 1.42m 2nd PB; long jump 4.20m 5th PB; triple jump 8.44m 5th PB; pole vault 1.80m 1st PB.

Abbie Severinsen: 13yrs 200m hurdles 36.95 1st PB; 80m hurdles 14.70 1st PB; U16 heptathlon 2805pts 3rd PB.

Charlize Goody: 14yrs javelin 42.45m 2nd PB; discus 38.98m 3rd; shot put 13.70m 1st PB; U16 heptathlon 4610pts 2nd PB.

Mikaela Doneley: U18 heptathlon 3808pts 3rd.

Mickeelie Johnson: U18 100m 13.65 in Heat DQ in final; 200m 29.44 7th.

Sebastion Sills: 11yrs shot put 10.58m 1st PB; discus 26.85m 2nd PB.

Hemi Rakuita: 12yrs 100m 13.49 3rd PB; 200m 27.49 1st PB; 400m 1.02.42 1st PB; shot put 6.88m 5th.

Ethan Platen: 14yrs long jump 4.56m 4th; 400m 56.25 3rd 56.15 PB heat; 100m 12.69 6th; 200m 25.95 6th PB.

Madison Wells: U20 heptathlon 4397 points 1st.

Haley Webber: U20 long jump 4.42m 2nd; triple jump 9.82m 2nd.

Ashlee Stieler: Open 100 yards 11.62 5th 11.50 in heat; javelin 40.62m 4th PB; 200m 26.44 10th.

Elizabeth Melrose: Open 100m 13.87 13th; 200m 28.74 13th.