Why Arthur at 73, is keen to take on the world

Raceview resident Arthur Rowe has been selected in the Australian over 75’s hockey team to play at next year’s World Cup in Spain.


FIFTEEN years after retiring as a teacher, Arthur Rowe is still giving valuable lessons in pursuing sporting dreams.

The Raceview sportsman and long-time coach has been selected in the Australian over 75 hockey team preparing for next year’s Masters World Cup in Spain.

It will be Rowe’s first time representing Australia, remarkably after returning to the sport following a lengthy break.

However, impressive performances for Queensland featuring his speed secured him a call-up to the Aussie side contesting the championships in Barcelona from June 20-30.

As a former national level sprinter and highly regarded athletics coach, Rowe had the pedigree to play at international level, albeit in a different sport.

However, he credits a nutritional and cleansing program for his new lease of sporting life.

“I feel fitter now than I have done in the last 10 years,” Rowe said.

“The food to me has done something that allows me to do things.

“I just enjoy the running better now than I’ve done for a while.”

About to turn 74, Rowe was happy to encourage everyone keen on sport to continue chasing their goals as long as they can.

“If people can do anything, they should do it,” he said.

“You are never too old to play sport if you feel like doing it.”

Rowe has proved that.

Having not played hockey for a number of years, the former Wests clubman returned for Queensland at this year’s national masters titles in Hobart.

His skills at inside right caught the eye of Australian masters selectors.

“I’m totally chuffed, proud, very excited,” he said about being recognised.

He had previously shared in Queensland over 60 national masters title successes in 2005 and 2006 after first playing hockey in high school and at university.

The former fullback lined up for Wests in the Ipswich competition during the 1960s before returning to veterans hockey in the 1990s as a right winger.

But after giving it away in 2007, he wasn’t sure whether he would play again.

That situation suddenly changed through a boost in his health.

“I decided to go back and have another run,” the former 100m, 200m, and 400m athlete said.

“My fitness has improved and I was invited to go back and have a game with Queensland so I thought I would.  Then I was invited to put a nomination in for the Australian team.”

He was thrilled to be selected after playing inside right for the first time.

His lifetime speed was a valuable asset.


Arthur’s turn to enjoy international competition

AUSTRALIAN hockey team newcomer Arthur Rowe taught at Ipswich Grammar School from 1966-2002.

In addition to covering subjects like biological science, maths, chemistry and physics, he was a leading coach for the school and Ipswich and District Athletics Club.

As he prepares for his new sporting challenge, Rowe has fond memories of helping other Ipswich-based athletes achieve their goals.

He worked with record-breaking competitors like Lynten Johnson, Rodney Zuyderwyk and Scott Chapman during one of the city’s most successful periods in the sport.

Apart from many Ipswich club achievements, IGS athletes under Rowe’s astute eye dominated titles at GPS level.

“We had a wonderful era of athletics here, boys and girls, in all ages from Little As through to the seniors,” he said.

The highly-regarded Rowe was a coach for 40 years.

But now it’s Rowe’s turn to taste international competition.

The Aussie team will meet for a three-day training camp in Perth in March before joining again in Europe in June for lead-up games before the Masters World Cup.

“I certainly will enjoy it,” Rowe said.

“I’ve put in the years at both Little As and the senior club.”