Video training to help athletes stop feeling lost

Vic Pascoe says the region should host the olympics.


SHARING how sportspeople feel and keeping in regular contact with video are major priorities of coaches at the Ipswich and District Athletic Club.

After having to shut down the last of small group training following Sunday night’s government restrictions, club president and coach Vic Pascoe was determined to help as many athletes as possible.

With assistance from other reputable club coaches like Theresa Stolberg, Pascoe said regional athletes would be encouraged to keep fit, do drills at home and share regular videos on their training routines.

Stolberg has also provided a number of workout activities on Facebook to assist the dedicated competitors, who have just had one of the club’s most successful seasons.

“I’ll be talking to the kids on the phone and also the fact the kids can always ring up and call me,” Pascoe said.

He said it was too easy for kids suddenly unable to train with Ipswich’s leading coaches to feel lost.  “So letting their feelings out, their frustrations, all that sort of stuff, is so helpful to those young ones, even the older ones.”

Pascoe cancelled all club training sessions at Bill Paterson Oval until further notice after discussing the situation with Stolberg.

“It is disappointing but we need to respect and follow guidelines as stated, especially when our children are at risk, let alone us oldies,” Pascoe said.

“We need to look after our families and friends to ensure everyone is safe and healthy.

“I for one is now isolated due to my age and this alone makes one hope this virus curve flattens so we can get back to a normal day of activities.”

All athletics events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Pascoe conceded it would be difficult remaining at home but knows everyone must follow suit.

“Coaching is my passion so hopefully all our athletes will do workouts within their home,” he said.

While video work is not new at training sessions, Pascoe said it was an increasingly important to use it during a difficult period of isolation.

“We have to do a lot more now,” Pascoe said.

“There are plenty of videos on YouTube for all to have a go at and it will help us get through this crazy time.

“I’m looking forward to seeing people activities of homemade videos on Facebook so we can see that they are staying fit and healthy for the long haul.

“This way encouragement can be given to each athlete is doing things that are technically correct for their events.

“This is only going to help people more in the long run.  If they keep themselves to a degree of fitness, it will make it some much easier in the future.”

Like everyone in the sporting and wider community, Pascoe wants to get on with normal life as soon as possible.

“I hope this settles quickly, but it only will if all our community works together to ensure we can get through this serious event,” he said.