Ipswich club’s terrific state titles medal haul

Ipswich and District Athletic Club medal winners Hayley Wright and Kirra Csurhes.


ATHLETICS:  Ipswich’s powerhouse team of track and field competitors joined forces to win 29 medals ― eight gold, 13 silver and eight bronze medals at last weekend’s Queensland championships.

The medal tally was a vast improvement on the previous year where Ipswich and District Athletic Club athletes won 19 medals.

Among the outstanding performers were Erin Wright, Jude Thomas, Hayley Wright, Charlize Goody, Toby Stolberg and Kirra Csurhes.

Laylani Va’ai overcame a stomach virus to win a silver and bronze medal.

The athletes were backed by loyal coaches including Theresa “Marty” Stolberg (high jump), Darin Coombs (throws), Michael Moore (throws), Ted Ruben (horizontal jumps), Darrin Norwood (throws), Mark Sills (high jump) and Vic Pascoe (sprints and hurdles).  David Wright (hurdles) and Virginia Trad (multiple events) also assisted.

A number of athletes qualified for the Australian Junior Track and Field Championships in Sydney from April 1-7.

The final team will be named later this week.

Club heptathletes Mikaela Doneley (U15), Sophie Wilkins (U15), Kiara Condon (U16) and Laylani Va’ai (U17) are competing at the Australian Combined Event Championships in Hobart this weekend.


Qld track and field championships results review (March 7-10).

Erin Wright:  U/16 90m hurdles 1st 12.93 PB; 200m hurdles 1st 29.47.

Toby Stolberg:  U/14 high jump 1st 1.55m PB; Long jump =2nd 4.51m PB; Triple jump 4th 9.30m PB; 80m Hurdles 7th 14.44 PB.

Hayley Wright:  U/20 100m hurdles 1st 14.48 PB.

Jude Thomas:  U/18 800m 2nd 1.56.56 PB; 1500m 1st 3.55.50 PB.

Camyrn Novinetz:  U/17 5000m walk 1st 26.38.46.

Pharrell Eliu:  U/14 Triple jump 1st 10.84m.

Jessica Rowe:  U/15 hammer 1st 42.42m; discus 4th 30.79m; javelin 3rd 26.36m; shot put 2nd 10.99m.

Charlize Goody:  U/14 Discus 2nd 27.41m; Long jump =2nd 4.51m PB; Shot put 2nd 10.88m; Javelin 2nd 29.28m; High jump 4th 1.40m PB.

Talented athletes Charlize Goody, Sophie Wilkins and Jessica Rowe.

Laylani Va’as:  U/17 discus 2nd 39.25m; Long jump 7th 4.66m; Shot put 3rd 12.70m.

Joshua Carrick:  U/17 110m Hurdles 2nd 16.26.

Zac Caterson:  U/18 Shot Put 2nd 14.70m; Discus 3rd 48.43m.

Clare Bellingham:  U14 high jump 3rd 1.45m; Long jump 4th 4.39m.

Krystal Smith:  U/14 Triple jump 3rd 9.53m; 200m 12th 30.79.

Kiara Condon:  U/16 high jump 3rd 1.60m PB; 90m hurdles 7th 14.62; Shot put 4th 11.06m PB.

Dahniella Pedroni:  U/17 High jump =4th 1.50m; Triple jump 3rd 10.73m; Long jump 9th 4.57m.

Sophie Wilkins:  U/15 discus 5th 27.10m; long jump 9th 4.39m; Shot put 4th 10.16m; javelin 2nd 26.78m; 90m hurdles 11th 15.16.

Kyra Domrow:  F12 Open Hammer 5th 31.87m; Ambulant Shot Put 2nd 10.40m 69.10% PB; Ambulant Discus 2nd 32.78m 69.16%.

Hayley Condon:  U/14 discus 5th 22.39m.

Kamara Stewart:  U/14 100m 9th 14.83; Triple jump 6th 7.85m.

Aldora Tuilaepa:  U/15 discus 6th 24.68m PB; Shot put 7th 8.62m; javelin 4th 21.81m.

Taya Beckers:  U/16 400m 10th 65.24; Long jump 9th 4.34m PB.

Leah Marie Clark:  U/16 200m 14th 27.76; 400m 8th 65.45 F (64.96 heat).

Kirri Csurhes:  U/20 100m 5th 12.47 PB; 100m hurdles 3rd 14.75 PB.

Tamara Carvolth:  Open 1500m 5th.

Ky Dalby:  U/15 discus 8th 24.87m PB; Shot put 5th 7.47m.

Alex Davies:  U18 800m 8th 2.02.51; 1500m 5th 4.05.94.

Benjamin Thomas:  Open 100m 12th 10.85 PB; U/20 200m 4th 22.04 PB.

Harry Wilson:  U/20 1500m 16th 4.21.66.