Wellness Programs

These unique 12-week programs are designed to enhance your overall quality of life and keep you on the right path well into your future.

With the average age of the population estimated to reach 40 over the next 20 years, we have developed these programs to ensure you are well equipped to handle the stresses and predicted health hurdles of ageing.

Not only for the middle-aged population, these wellness programs have had unrivalled success in weight loss, increases in flexibility, aerobic capacity, muscular tone, definition and efficiency and most importantly, individual wellness.

Each project begins with a health screening and fitness assessment.  Clients are assigned to a wellness group, then meet twice weekly for an exercise intervention of approximately a one hour duration.  The participants are also regularly weighed and skin folded and dietary advice is provided on a weekly basis.  An exercise program is also prepared for the remaining, non-contact days of the week.

Past programs have reported an over 40% increase in upper body aerobic capacity and a 30% increase in lower body aerobic capacity.  Flexibility markedly improved as well as local muscular endurance and lean muscle mass.  Skin folds on average decreased 50mm (approx. 5-8kg of fat) per person over a 9-site skin fold protocol.  This all happened over a period of 12 weeks, while developing sensible eating and exercise habits.  No harsh dieting was necessary, nor encouraged.  We don’t believe in quick-fix programs, we only promote healthy lifestyle programs.