Fitness and Wellness Presentations

Ever wondered who to believe when it comes to fitness and wellbeing?  You certainly wouldn’t be alone considering the multitude of conflicting reports and advice from all types of professionals.

We provide Fitness and Wellness presentations on the myths and misconceptions about health and fitness and provides you with up to date facts and figures addressing the benefits of health within the corporate community.

Modern research demonstrates two significant issues here:

  1. Productivity in the workplace is dramatically improved where exercise is part of the regular program, creating a feeling of wellbeing;  and
  2. Exercise is a vital component of anti-ageing.  Many health problems associated with ageing can be commonly slowed down and often stopped and in some cases the ageing process can be reversed.

These presentations are offered on a flexible basis, prepared and presented formally or informally, and can be geared to suit specific populations.

We can come to your office for a boardroom presentation, luncheon or function of your choice.